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"You have dispelled my fear that I would be a complete failure at animal communication, believing that other people can do it, but not me. Like you say, it is easy, and we all have the ability to "talk with the animals". And what a joy that is! This is life-changing for me." H. L. Australia.

"Dear Maia, You are the best teacher, instructor, coach I have ever met. Thanks again. Blessings" J. G. AZ, USA.

Animal Communication Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication is just that! It is communication with an animal, a dialog just like what we have with fellow humans except we communicate telepathically. Animal Communicators have taken their natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals and developed it to a fine art which provides enormous benefit to pets and their people! For instance, have you ever wished you knew for sure if your dog was happy? Do you sometimes wonder if she is in pain, and if so her preference for managing the pain? Do you wish you knew if he needed or wanted anything to make his life better? Do you ever wonder why your kitty has a certain behavior and if there is a possibility to stop the behavior? Do you sometimes wonder if your cat is trying to tell you something? Do you worry your horse may need a different type of nutrition than what you are providing? These are the kinds of things, and many, many more that can be known by having a simple telepathic conversation with your pet with a highly skilled Animal Communicator. 

ANIMALS LOVE TO TALK! They LOVE to share their wishes, their preferences, their ideas and their point of view! They love to be heard and understood just like we humans love it when someone really listens to us deeply and understands. You actually listen to your pets all the time, because you love them so much. But, without the intensive training of an Animal Communication Professional you may not feel confident in what you are hearing and may have some concern that you are listening to yourself and not your beloved pet.

Schedule a conversation with your pet! Serving clients around the world since 1997.

ANIMAL COMMUNICATION EXAMPLES! Look at what's possible when humans have conversations with animals! We talk with people's pets from around the world on a daily basis and have new and amazing stories to share each day!

How does Animal Communication work?

Here are some actual cases which are everyday occurances for our Animal Communicators:

Sarah's precious little dog, Siana had begun to have seizures. Sarah took the correct actions in taking Siana to her vet clinic right away to monitor and diagnose the problem. But, after a few days it was still unclear why Siana was having seizures or how to stop them.

Here are Sarah's words: "I was being hit from all sides in life - I was planning to head across the country in a couple of weeks for the biggest family event in 30 years, my sisters wedding. My dog Siana started having unexplained seizures, I took my dog to several people, ran multiple tests with no answers. I texted Maia...

From Maia: As soon as I heard Siana was having these serious health challenges, I took a few moments to pause and say hello to her and ask her some questions. It was time to talk with the dog directly to ask her how she was feeling, what would help, and to ask her what she thought was causing these seizures. Siana is a great little communicator! She immediately shared the source of the problem was some treats she had been eating, which contained an ingredient her body was reacting to like a poison. Siana asked for her old standard food made like a hearty warm watery stew. She also indicated she felt cold and vulnerable and a little cocoon of warmth could be created for her and lots of little meals with this warm watery blend and rest. She was very hopeful she would resume her vibrant wellbeing soon. 

Sarah's words: "I texted Maia who I've known for years. . . the same evening she told me the problem and I was able to successfully help Siana and go to the wedding a few weeks later worry free! Thank you for helping my baby and freeing me to be the maid of honor at such a pivot time in my families life! 

Sarah Kay Harrison, Leadership Coach; Sports, Business & Entertainment 

Janet had her heart set on adopting Rofu, but she was really concerned he and her dog at home, Benjamin may not  get along. She was going back and forth in her mind over what to do and feeling stress and pressure to make a decision. Read more.

Just yesterday Robert had his very first Animal Communication appointment to talk with his dog Bandit. Bandit had recently been diagnosed as having some kidney challenges by his veterinarian, and Robert had been following the protocol suggested by Bandit's doctor. But, Bandit had stopped eating altogether for a few days now. Robert was at a loss as to how to make his dog comfortable and nourished. He was really beginning to worry about Bandit. Read more.

Bridgett's dog Sanson was at a dog show in another city when he escaped. Bridgett of course was heartbroken at the loss of her dog and terrified that he had come to some harm or would come to some harm, or never be found. Many upsetting thoughts were racing through her mind. As soon as I said hello to Sanson... Read more.

Felix the cat, disappeared while the furnace was being repaired. Janet, had already looked everywhere for Felix. She called for an Animal Communication Appointment to find out where he was, if he was OK, and how to bring him home. When I said hello to Felix I noticed.. Read more

Scheduling an Animal Communication appointment for your pet is probably the most wonderful gift you can give them! We have six highly skilled Certified Animal Communicators available to talk with your pets.  

Thank you for who you are for your animals and for visiting us! For more information please explore the links below or give us a call. We would be happy to talk with you about your animals and animal communication! 928-282-2604. If you would like to become aware of and develop your own natural ability to communicate telepathically with animals please read further.

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Schedule a conversation with your pet! Serving clients around the world since 1997.       

Meet our Animal Communicators!

Most common questions people ask their pets in animal communication consultations.

How animal communication consultations work

Preparation for your Animal Communication Appointment

Conversation with pets before death and after death

Three Misconceptions About Telepathic Animal Communication

Perhaps you yourself would love to be an Animal Communicator!


Animal Communicator Maia Kincaid animal communication

Animal Communication Books By Maia Kincaid Ph.D.

Maia's New Book!!! Released March 1, 2015

       The Cat's Meow: Chats with Cool Cats! Telepathic Animal Communication Maia Kincaid


             Animal Communicator Adventures: The Journey Begins!

             Animal Communicator Adventures: The Power of Love!

             Animal Communicator Adventures: Coming Home!



Want to communicate telepathically with your own animals?!              Maia Kincaid Animal Communicator Author

Why not fulfill your dream of awakening and developing your own natural ability to communicate with your precious pets through an Animal Communication Class.

"You have dispelled my fear that I would be a complete failure at animal communication, believing that other people can do it, but not me. Like you say, it is easy, and we all have the ability to "talk with the animals". And what a joy that is! This is life-changing for me." H. L. Australia.

Would you LOVE to be an Animal Communicator, working with pets and their people worldwide?!

Would you love to have the fulfilling, fascinating and fun career of being an Animal Communicator? The Sedona International School for Telepathic Animal & Nature Communication proudly launches new animal communicators, veterinary animal communicators and nature communicators in the exciting field of Telepathic Animal and Nature Communication also known as animal whispering, animal intuition, pet psychic, and pet whispering.

"Thanks for all the guidance in showing me how to do this work. I absolutely love it!" V. L. TN, USA.

Are you a Veterinarian, Animal Health Care Professional, or individual working in the realm of animal health and wellness?

We train and certify veterinarians and other animal health care professionals in Animal Communication. Imagine in combination with all your training and experience you also have the ability and finely developed skill to have conversations with your animal patients to ask them how they feel, where they hurt, what treatment would align with them best and whatever else you would love to ask them and they would love for you to know. The combination of health care training and experience with the ability to communicate telepathically with the animal is truly amazing!

"Thank you so much Dearest Maia Words cannot express how much I appreciate you and all that you do for us. This program is incredible and you are such a beautiful blessing to the world. Thank you with all my heart." S. M. CA

Thank you for joining us and for your dedication to making a difference for animals!


Animal Communication - Animal Communicator - Animal Communication School - Pet Whisperer - Animal Communication Books


Cathedral Rock in Sedona, AZ.
"Maia Kincaid never ceases to amaze me with her talent, her connections and her wonderful spirit! She has helped my family and friends ensure our pets and animals were okay and that their needs were being met."
Terry Conrad, OR
Animal Communicator Training


interspecies communication, personal development, life coaching

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